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Capturing images which both the camera and I share and the opportunity to then share these same images with others is a lifetime passion. I first began taking photographs when I was the subject of my father’s Argus Camera in New Hampshire. Through his photography, I became part of the documentation of his world and through that realized the importance of the image in capturing one’s most intimate and essential views.

Photography is an extension of my view of the world. It documents what captures my eye and interest. It reflects where I was, physically and emotionally, at a point in time. No two images are ever the same.

We have launched this website to share my images of the world I live. We hope that you will see something of value.

Digital Prints

Visit our Shop to buy digital prints of our photography.

Physical Prints

We are happy to produce physical prints of all images seen on our website. Please submit your request using the Contact Us link.

Original Photography

Upon request, an original photo session can be arranged. Please submit your request through the Contact Us link.